I fell in L.O.V.E with you, Lee Sunny-ssi
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NPC trainers are so good this gen.

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Soshi rapping (for anonymous)

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Working hard or hardly working?

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Hello everyone…?

Well I’m back?

Not sure if you guys can remember, that I went away for a week, since my dear friend went to the hospital.

For reference here:


Anyway…yesterday around 07:51PM…she didn’t make it.

I’m not that sad as I thought, the doctor told us beforehand already, that they (doctors/nurses) won’t do anymore operation or give her medicine, since her body wouldn’t be able to withstand it. So she will sleep peacefully, when she was gone instead dying painfully because of the medicine.

You know what funny though? I was 24/7 in hospital around her, the doctor even gave me a guest room to stay, but…yesterday some of her relatives came to visit her too and after visiting her, they asked me to join them for dinner in the restaurant nearby (because the last 7 days I ate from the cafeteria from the hospital), so they told me to take some fresh breathe and eat something different else, beside the food from the hospital.

Of course, I couldn’t reject them, so I told my dear friend, that I’m gonna go out for 1 hour, and she wouldn’t die from boredom (we laughed at this weird joke)

But…the moment I stepped out from the hospital for 4-5min, I got a call from the hospital, that she was gone already.

At that moment, I feel like she waited till I was out, because she didn’t want me to be sad. It feels like…she was only strong in front of me, because she was like a big sister to me. For the first time, that I stepped out from the hospital, her heartbeats was declining, her breathing was slowing down, everything happened in the span of 4-5min, that I stepped out from the hospital. It really feel like, she was waiting till I was out before her heart gave away.

*Breath in breath out* Anyway, I try to be on as much as possible, the funeral will happen in the next 1-2 weeks too, but this kind of stuffs, I don’t really want to talk about.

I want to thanks you guys too, that prayed with me too :)

             Eternally loved
Stephanie Lee
“Softly the leaves of memory fall,
Gently I gather and treasure them all,
Unseen, unheard you are always near,
So missed so loved so very dear”

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i’m genie for you boy, i’m genie for your wish
i’m genie for your dream, i’m genie for your world

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gif request - for tachhibana
↳ Ryuko and Mako’s relationship or Ryuko and Satsuki’s relationship

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A regular day in the life of f(x)

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